Mail: tim@dooleysdesigns.com

   My name is Tim Dooley. I was born with cerebral palsy and live independently in an apartment in upstate New York.

   I grew up using computers and augmentative communication devices. I used DynaVox devices and had a special device built for me. Now, I use an iPad to speak and have a communication app called TouchChat. The iPad is the easiest and flexible than speaking devices in the market now. They were great before iPads. I also was a spokesman for AAC and went all over the country.

     I have used speaking computers most of my life, and have over 20 years experience, not only with computers, but with computerized augmentative and alternative speaking devices as well. Through these experiences I became interested in web design. So I dove into the online world and took courses in college to become a certified web designer.

  Besides being a web designer, I freelance giving presentations which show that disabled, non-speaking people can not only communicate independently, but can realistically reach for any goal they choose.  

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